As I have produced on my main site, this is a page to provide a general outline of my current state of being especially as relates to various activities. I’d like to thank Derek Sivers for first establishing the idea.

At Home

We just passed the two-month mark at the new place, a small bungalow with both a front and back garden. This is a big improvement on our last place, which itself was the best place we had ever lived in. Thus it is brilliant and we are very happy to be here, whilst also making plans about the ways in which we can further improve the space even if that is limited by the fact that we are renting. The immediate neighbourhood is peaceful and pleasant; we can’t wait to get to know the neighbours.


The home has made every part of outside living better, especially pertaining to appointments and visits. Between Claire’s swift progress with her career and the immediate expansion of our social life it’s fair to say that we have gained exposure to much of what The Outside Place has to offer.


Moving stress aside, the new home has had immediate benefits not least of which is the regularity with which we go Elsewhere. Importantly, I now have virtually no good excuse to not improve my exercise, which is to say that need to start getting some… like, right now.

As far as non-physical health goes, well it’s fair to say that the more we get done at home and the more I write the better I feel, so those activities will continue as much as is possible. Other than that the biggest factor is physical; I am confident that increased exercise will be a boon, whilst I am in desperate need of a visit to the dentist… which should be fun.


Both of our cats have settled well in the new home and are itching to get out. That ought to happen in about a month, after the eldest has finished her new round of vaccinations. Expect lots and lots of photos as a result of this. :)

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